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    size of video in sidebar - can it be changed?


      Hello -

      Does the way the video is published or the dimensions of the video imported into the sidebar affect the display size? We are finding that the size of the square is too small and we would like to make it larger. Is there any way to affect the size of the video in the sidebar? I saw some posts saying it cannot be altered but I think I've seen it being different sizes in our published player but cannot get it back to the larger size I once saw. We just want it streched the entire width of the sidebar if possible.





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          Hi Katherine,


          Sidebar dimension is calculated as per the on dimension of the video inserted. This calculation uses best fit criteria for width and height of the sidebar. We cannot be altered manually.



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            KMahon Level 1

            Hello -

            We have tried varying the dimension of the video imported and it does not seem to make a difference. The size of the video in the sidebar is always the same and always significantly smaller than the width of the sidebar.


            What I have noticed is that if the browser window is full screen or has a fixed dimension, then the video is set small and cannot be resized. But if the browser opens with the player and is not full screen, you can manually resize the window and the video screen resizes to become larger and smaller depending on the size of the browser window. When we deploy the player from our web server, the video is always small.


            What exactly is the calculation to determine best fit?





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              I'm having a similar issue - (sorry Katherine - trying to add, not hijack :-)  I think we are having the same problem. )  I noticed in the video quality settings that even the highest quality says there is a 640x480 resolution max for video. Why is this so small? I have 800x600 FLV I would like to show and Connect is limiting the size in the Share pod to 640x480. My video contains screenshots from a 1024x768 app, and displaying them in 640x480 makes them illegible. Are there other options/settings I can adjust to fix this issue, other than playing the FLV on my desktop and then sharing my desktop?





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                flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



                You are looking at the live video quality settings. When uploading a FLV video to a share pod, there is not resizing or modification to the video. Just keep in mind that the pod itself may not be the same size as your video. Just make the pod larger and your video should scale to fit the pod.


                Generally speaking, for best results I encode my FLV videos to





                800 Kbps


                But you can go to higher quality settings if needed. It really all comes down to bandwidth required to deliver the media and screen real estate for the media to be played on.


                I would recomend that you don't screen share your video (the desktop is fine), as screen sharing runs at 3-5 FPS (generally speaking), and doesn't deliver audio, so you will get a bad video experience when using screen sharing.