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    Exporting to WMV with a massive loss of quality


      Hi there!


      I've never had an issue with this before, but I need a little expert help on this one.


      I'm trying to export a time line, source of 1280x720, into a WMV file. I've done it before with no issues.


      But now, it seems like when the exporting is done, and I open the file, there is a loss of quality in the beginning. It's odd because, it seems like the video starts off just fine, but then a few seconds in, it degrades. The degragation continues for about 5 seconds, making the image a little blurry, but then it kicks back into the high quality it was. It maintains the high quality for the rest of the sequence.


      What is even odder is that, when I export the individual, 5 second scene that looks degraded in the main file all by itself, it looks just fine.


      I can't help but thing that it's something about it in my sequence that is making it do that. There is no effects or transistions between scenes involved at all.


      Im exporting:


      FORMATL Windows Media


      PRESET: HDTV 720 60 High Quality (thought I have used 30 as well, with the same issue)


      Video settings are


      CODEC: Windows Media Video 9


      Encoding Passes: Two


      Bitrate mode: Variable Constrained


      Framerate: 59.94


      Pixel Aspect: Square Pixels


      Decoder complexitiy: Auto


      Keyframe interval: 5  seconds


      Average video bitrate 5000


      Peak Video bitrate 8000


      peak video buffer size 5


      Thanks in advance for any help!