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    bringing slide show over to movie


      I put together a slide show on photoshop Elements 9.  I wanted to add two video clips to the end of it so I transfered the slide show to premiere elements9 and added the clips o the end.  The problem is that pictures that were rotated in the slide show rotated back to be sideways.  How can I fix this.  (I cannot go into each photo individually since it treats the slideshow as on video)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Where and how were the Images Rotated?


          If you only rotated them in Organizer, you have only added display info, but have not actually Rotated the Images. That can be done in PSE, and the actual pixels will be changed.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You might want to look at this THREAD, and at some of the links inside.


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              hayess85 Level 1

              I rotated them in photoshop organizer.  How (or where) do I rotate the pic in Premiere?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                OK, PS Organizer is like Adobe Bridge-lite. You only did a rotation for display, and not pixels were affected. PrE does not read the display info, and then Rotate to match. That is for Organizer, so that you can see things, in the correct orientation. To get the effect, you need to actually Rotate (notice cap R), to change the actual pixels.


                I would do the actual Rotation in PSE, as the algorithms are better, but you can do it in PrE, by adjusting the Fixed Effect>Rotate, and setting the degree of Rotation. This is accessed by first Selecting the Image in the Timeline, and then going to the Effects Tab, and choosing Edit Effects, where the Fixed Effects (added, when one drags any Clip to the Timeline).


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                  hayess85 Level 1

                  Thank you for your help. I found the easiest thing to do was to rotate the pics on my gard drive then update my thumbnails. 

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I am not familiar with the term "gard drive." Can you help me out, and define what that is?


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                      Barb__O Level 4

                      FYI - There is a setting in the Organizer Preferences which controls whether rotation is done by setting indicators or by actually changing the dimensions of the photo file.  I think that the default for the Organizer is to only set the indicators.


                      Unforutnately I have seen multiple people report that Premiere Elements 9 and 10 editing does NOT understand these orientation indicators set by digital cameras or set by the Elements Organizer.


                      For FUTURE projects you can

                      1-- first change the Organizer Prefernces to actually rotate the photo file which "flips" the actual dimensions of the photo file.

                      2-- multiple select the necessary photo thumbnails in the Organizer workspace and use the right click menu on one of the selected photos in order to rotate all the selected photos

                      3-- note that if you have portrait photos which display correctly in the Organizer thrumbnails when you first import those photos -- you may need to do a double rotate if later you will want to use these photos in Premiere Elements (rotate 90 degress in one direction so it looks on its side an then rotate 90 degrees back to the original position)


                      for your CURRENT project

                      yes initially your slideshow that has been sent to Premiere Elements does appear on the Timeline orSceneline ..... however ..

                      it is not obvious that -


                      -- You can Break Apart that slide show after it is transferred to Premiere Elements so that you have access to the individual photos. Right click on the clip which represents the slide show and you should see the Break Apart choice in that right click menu - after that process you will have access to the individual photo files.


                      -- Once you have the photo files separated (Break Apart), it is possible to do an edit of individual photos in the Photoshop Elements Editor.


                      Bill Hunt, 

                      Could you provide a reference or a description of how to rotate the picture in Premiere Elements (after the Break Apart of the slide show has been done)    ?


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Barb O,


                        Thank you for that. In Adobe Bridge, one can Save the rotated Images, so that they are Rotated for future use.


                        Just added your steps to an article on orientation of Still Images.