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    Update: Post a Question or Comment Directly in Help

    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

      Hi All,

      We have a new update going on for community Help in Premiere Pro and After Effects. In the past, you could make a comment in Help and those comments could be seen by other users. This could be a problem with the documentation, a suggestion for other users, a problem you are having, etc. Most of the time, I'd point people to the forum (where sometimes people would go, but mostly not). Now, by making a comment in Help, an automatic forum post is made for all to see. The results are viewable either on the Help page or in the forums. We feel a lot more community members will see these posts, be able to help other users, and get involved.


      Just go to the bottom of any Help page and click on "Discuss This Page" to get started with your post.


      We are the first products to offer this new feature. Let me know if you have any questions.