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    Creating Master Image Best Practices




      Soon, I will be sending a master disk to a fulfillment company for mass replication.


      I have already sold about 350 copies of my DVD (produced with Encore), which I burn on my computer (Alienware, Windows 7), and then package and ship to my customers.



      I've had one guys who said it "skipped really bad", I've had a couple customers who get an "invalid or unknown file" error when they tried to play it on a DVD player, and one guy who couldn't play on a computer because of a "missing DVD decoder".


      4 or 5 errors out of 350 isn't bad, but I'm wondering if there's anything I need to know, in order to make my NTSC DVD as universally viewable as possible?


      I know not to exceed an 8mb/s bitrate, but other than that, is there anything I should know or do?


      Thank you!