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    Can't re-install Master Collection CS5.0


      I had several error messages appear when transcoding videos in Pr Pro CS5, so I deactivated MC and then un-installed it.  I deleted a few other files associated with it, then tried to re-install it, but am unable to.  As it turns out, the problem was bad memory, and that is now fixed.  When I try to re-install, I get an error right away that says, "failed to initialize, please download Adobe Support Advisor".  I did that and ran the Advisor.  It has the following description:


      "cpsid_83572r4:Error committing command when installing-Creative Suite 5.5 - click here for corrective action"


      Here is what the corrective action is:

      Error committing command ARKCAPSWritePayloadDataCommand


      This error occurs if you reinstall Photoshop CS4 when both Photoshop CS5 or CS5.5 and Photoshop CS4 are already installed on your system. To successfully reinstall Photoshop CS4, first remove Photoshop CS4, and then reinstall it.


      The problem is that I do not have Photoshop installed any more and I checked the entire HD, but it is not there any more.  I called tech support and they suggested I d/l a program called Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool.  I tried to run that, but a command line window opens and closes before I can read what it says.  After running the tool, I still cannot install CS5.  Anybody have any ideas how to fix this so I can re-install MC CS5?