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    Orientation of Still Images Wrong in Premiere?

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      As many users of various Adobe programs, have had issues with Still Images, that were shot in Portrait Mode, but when rotated in PrE’s/PSE’s, Organizer, or Adobe Bridge, find that the Images do not Import in the correct orientation, I wanted to address the problem.


      When shot, the pixels are arranged in a certain order, basically appearing as Landscape, or 90 degrees out of orientation.


      When one changes the orientation in Organizer, or Bridge (or many other similar programs), they are ONLY changing a flag, on how to display the Image, and are NOT altering the actual pixels, in any way. Each program has a unique way to actually apply Rotation, which will change the pixels, but that will depend on the exact program.


      When ONLY the display of the Images has been changed, if one Imports into PrE, or PrPro, the Images will come in, just as shot, regardless of what the display has been changed to.


      To actually Rotate the Image, as is needed, when Imported into a program, like Premiere, one will need to either use the editing features of their cataloging program (Organizer, Bridge, etc.), or do that work in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements.


      Now, once Imported, they can do Rotation in their NLE (Non Linear Editor), but the algorithms are better in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, and doing so, before Import, is recommended.


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          In Photoshop Elements Organizer, here are steps to actually change the pixels to Rotate:


          1-- first change the Organizer Prefernces to actually rotate the photo file which "flips" the actual dimensions of the photo file.

          2-- multiple select the necessary photo thumbnails in the Organizer workspace and use the right click menu on one of the selected photos in order to rotate all the selected photos

          3-- note that if you have portrait photos which display correctly in the Organizer thrumbnails when you first import those photos -- you may need to do a double rotate if later you will want to use these photos in Premiere Elements (rotate 90 degress in one direction so it looks on its side an then rotate 90 degrees back to the original position)


          for your CURRENT project

          yes initially your slideshow that has been sent to Premiere Elements does appear on the Timeline orSceneline ..... however ..

          it is not obvious that -


          Thanks to Barb O for those details.