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    Organizer Not Working in Premiere Elements 10 - Help?


      I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, 6 GB of Ram and installed Adobe Premiere Elements 10 a few days ago.


      The Adobe Organizer is completely not working. Initially it hung when trying to import a clip, even a short clip, even after giving it several hours to do so.  Tried this multiple times, including after a full uninstall then reinstall. Now when I start organizer, it won't even fully load.  I get the icon in the taskbar, but the app won't open.


      Interestingly, I can open a clip when working on a project without issue so far.


      Two questions:


      1.  Anyone else running into these problems using Organizer.  Is there a fix? 


      2.  If I can't fix this, can I just ignore Organizer and just go straight to projects always.  Am I missing out on signficant functionality if I do this? . I am still within my return period.  If so, I can return and go back to Pinnacle (ugh - was hoping Adobe wasn't as buggy as Pinnacle).