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    Indesign Page Spreads vertical stacking




      I'm not sure if indesign has this capability, but if it does perhaps someone can tell me how I can get it to work.


      I wish to create a document that has 12 70x70mm pages stack against eachother to form an a4 document.

      So it will sit 3 across and 4 down. I know that in CS5.5 (or perhaps earlier) the document allows set-up so that you can create many pages next to eachother,

      allowing easier set-up of tri-fold brochures. Is it also possible that I can stack the files vertically on the on spread?

      At the moment it just moves it down to a sseperate spread, which will not allow one page of printing.

      The reason I wish to set it up this way, is because I can use on master page to change the whole document.


      While I know there are other ways to go about acheiving the same result, I jut thought this would be more effeicnet for a

      regularly used document that only gets minor changes.