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    AvancedDataGrid does not inherit default styles in popups when using 'loadStyleDeclarations'


      I'm using Flex 4.5 and I have an AdvancedDataGrid (ADG), which is loaded into a module, is not inheriting the default theme styles when it's loaded into a popup using 'PopupManager.addPopup'.  I'm using 'loadStyleDeclarations' to load the CSS/SWF into the root SWF of the application.  After this is loaded, I then load the module which in turn loads Popup with the ADG.  I also have ADG's that are not loaded into Popup's which inherit their styles correctly.


      I know the styles are not inherited correctly as I get an error when I mouse over the ADG header.  When the mouse cursor is changing to the 'stretchCursor', it errors out as it's not able to find the cursor class using 'getStyle'.


      I tried setting the PopupManger's moduleLoader to be the root SWF's moduleLoader, but that didn't seem to help.


      Any suggestions?