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    Embedded Windows Reader 10.1.2 Crashes Using the Typewriter Tool

    mh4863 Level 1

      Since Reader 10.1.2 my typewriter tool documents are not working properly in an embedded Adobe Reader window, e.g. in Firefox or Internet Explorer.


      Opening the first file at http://www.ld-didactic.de/software/1.pdf shows the typewriter tool window as usual.

      Opening the second file at http://www.ld-didactic.de/software/2.pdf doesn't show the typewriter tool window anymore.

      Also, opening the first document again will not show the typewriter tool window again. Instead the Reader crashes often while loading more typewriter documents or while closing the embedded Reader.


      I tested it with Adobe Reader 10.1.2 in Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 systems. It worked with Adobe Reader 10.1.1.


      Can anyone reproduce this issue?