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    Write letters waiting

    Level 7
      I have to make a game with words.
      A word must appear letter by letter two seconds for each letter, for

      The word HORSE must appear:
      "H" wait two seconds, then
      "O" wait two seconds, then
      "R" wait two seconds, and so on.

      And also have two buttons one for Pause and ohter for Continue.
      Can you tell me how to do this , please?
      Many thanks and best regards.

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          Level 7
          There are several ways to do this. The way I'd approach it is to have a
          text member with the list of words you want to spell, and another blank
          text member that will go on the stage to hold the word you're currently
          spelling. Attach a behavior to the blank sprite that looks a the
          specific word from your list that you want to spell, and then just cycle
          through the characters of the word until it's spelled. Something like:

          if i < member("wordList").line[5].char.count
          sprite(the currentSpriteNum).member.text = sprite(the
          i = i + 1
          end if

          Use the ticks property to delay the showing of new characters as long as
          you want.