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    Problem with signatures ;/


      To the form created in Livecycle I added a signature field. However, the signature works only in LC and Adobre Professional. When I'm trying to add a signature in the Adobe Acrobat Reader, nothing happens. Do you know the solution to this problem?




      Signed signatures were found. These signatures were imported without the signature value.

      0 warnings/errors reported.


      In Adobe Acrobat Reader I do not see a "send button",but this button is available when I open form in LC or Adobre Professional.


      ps. I have new version of Adobre Professional

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reader won't be able to sign a digital signature field unless the document is Reader-enabled. In Acrobat you do this by selecting: File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features

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            Muchotrepek Level 1

            Thank you for your help

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              I am trying to do something similar: create a form in Acrobat X that can be signed by someone using Reader.  I created the digital signature box and enabled the additional features, then sent it to some folks (myself included) to see if we could sign and return it.  When I opened in Reader and clicked into the signature block, it initially said the security settings prevented signatures, but I was actually able to sign it using the Sign tab at the top (had to create a digital signature and everything -- no problem).  Then I submitted the form (emailed it back to myself at work) as an .fdf and exported the data into an Excel spreadsheet, but the Signature "data" field was blank.  The field was there, but there was no sign that it had been signed.  Am I missing something?

                   Also, although much less important, what defines the order of the data fields in that Excel file?  I would have thought it was the order shown in edit mode in Acrobat X, but that's not the case.  Any idea?

              Thanks in advance.

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                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                That message in Reader that it can't be signed is puzzling. I'm not sure what to make of it, apart from it being a bug.


                The order that the fields appear when you export to a CSV file depend on what version of Acrobat you're using. Prior to Acrobat 10, it was generally alphabetic order, though this was not documented and there can be exceptions when the FDFs don't all contain the same fields. With Acrobat 10, they switched to whatever the tab order is, under certain circumstances.

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                  pgm820 Level 1

                  OK, a bug.  That's promising.  I'll work on it some more and re-send it out to see if it'll work.  Thanks.

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                    pgm820 Level 1

                    Good morning,

                    I am still working on this fillable PDF form.  I have sent my form to several people to test, and some can sign, but some cannot.  Fortunately they can all enter data, save the form and send it back (a big success!).  Could the problem with signing be due to a version problem?  I have extended the features from Acrobat X Pro (where I created the file) to Reader, but does it have to be Reader 8 or 7 or something else (I obviously don't even know what all the variations of Reader are out there).  Alternatively, some of the returned and unsigned forms list "Acrobat PDF Maker for Word" as the modifying application (in properties).  Could that be the problem?  How do I tell users to "use the right program?"  Thanks.