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    No render indication lines after transferring project file from Mac to PC and back


      Hi all,


      A student of mine took a CS5.5 Premiere project, made on a college iMac, home to work on on his (much more powerful) PC, running (I think) CS5. When he brought it back today we loaded it up on the Mac again and found we had lost the render indication lines on all but the very first clip (a still) so that when we press enter to render it changes the first clip from red to green, but then there are no other lines of any colour. When we play the timeline therefore it progressively gets more and more lag. I'v tried deleting the render files but it makes no difference. It's like Premiere has 'forgotten' about all the other files on the timeline.


      Does anyone know why this might be happening, or how to remedy it?


      Many thanks,