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    How to navigate through the views without losing content?



      i have this problem.

      in the third view of my application i create lots of controls runtime. When i press on one button (there are many of them) i push a view for a typical search data form.

      When i come back i have to re-renderize all controls and assign value from the search view. This is a problem mainly for one reason: to create the controls i call a pretty heavy web service with information on them, so it's necessary to call it once. Second problem, if i populate textinput i then loose all modify unless i save it first.

      What is the best way to solve these problems?


      Thanks in advance



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          kraikit Level 2

          If you're transferring data from view to view there's a data object you can use to pass things back and forth. If data truly needs to be persisted throughout the application's lifetime, though, you should probably create some global data model accessed through a singleton-type interface to provide consistent data to all of your views, and use the view load/unload events to commit/load data as necessary.




          -- Tom