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    Movie Quality


      Have a question about movie quality. If I make a movie with Final Cut Express, export it as a Quicktime Movie, and use Toast to burn a Blu-Ray DVD, will I produce a DVD of the same or lesser quality then if I make a movie in Premiere Elements 10 or FCPX and burn a Blu-Ray movie from directly within those applications? In other words, does the intermediate step of making a Quicktime Movie first, degrade the quality of the final product?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on:


          1) What format your original video is and how well it matches your project settings.

          2) What format and codec the Quicktime video is that you're passing between projects.

          3) How much each program recompresses the video that's passed between  them.


          The brand of video editor has little to do with a video's "quality". Premiere Elements is capable of producing the same "quality" of video as Premiere Pro CS5 or Final Cut Pro, working from the same source and  using the same settings.


          And, if you use an optimized workflow as you pass an MOV from Final Cut to Toast, your video should look virtually the same as if you created the whole thing in a single program.