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    Hard drive configuration, new member.

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      Gday.  I am new the forum.

      I usually configure gaming computer, home theatre, and the like.   This build is a workstation for a student, on a very tight budget.   Will be using Adobe software, about 50% video then Photoshop, Solid Works and wants to dabble a bit with CAD.

      I have been researching on the Forums as I know nothing about the above software.   I think I have grasped the basics of what makes a balanced rig.   It appears to me that the HDD configuration is paramount in achieving good performance and that is what I am struggling with.   I am sure I have read the following in a post and have beren unable to find it again, would like to no if it will work.


      4 HDDs.

      Disc #1.  WD,RE4, 1TB,       (C) OS, programs, Page.file.

      Disc #2,  Spinpoint F3, 1TB. (E) 200GB RAID 0 scratch.   (F) 800GB, non RAID.

      Disc #3.  Spinpoint F3, 1TB, (G) 200GB RAID 0 scratch.   (H) 800GB. non RAID.

      Disc #4,  WDgreen       2TB, (I) ?  (J) ?  (K) ?  (l)  bkup and image.


      Is there a vast difference between a video and Photo build?


      Thank you.


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