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    export problems

    robirdman1 Level 1

      I made a HD video of a singer with a Nikon D300s camera.  I imported into PP with the proper settings and edited as desired and then wanted to export.  I was advised to use Quicktime.  I only saw 6 codecs within this - 4 NTSC and 2 PAL, unlike the long list of choices in the tutorial of PP.  Choosing some give wide horizontal bars, while others have narrow vertical bars.  The latter appear slightly stretched vertically compared to the former.  I wanted to make a data DVD that would play on any computer.  After putting the resulting MOV files on a DVD, I tried it on my Windows 7 laptop with 4G RAM.  It default opened to a file that played the audio but only showed a musical note graphic and no audio.  I opened Quicktime and opened a video there.  It played the audio but the video didn't follow, repeatedly stopping and starting.  I closed all windows and rebooted, thinking there was too much else going on but it made no difference.

      I put the DVD back into the PC it was created on, Vista with 8G RAM.  Here it also automatically opened to a program with no video, just the graphic note.  I opened Quicktime and played it from there OK.

      The videos play find from Bridge.


      I had been suggested to use H.264, but when I looked at various results from this in Bridge, they just showed white, blank images.   MPEG2 was also tried and resulted in no video here.

      I just can't seem to get anything that will easily play on a computer when put in a DVD drive.