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    How do I extract the same page from a folder of files?


      In Acrobat X Pro I have a folder of 100+ Pdf files and I want to extract page 6 from each of these files in order to gather all of the extracted pages into one new document.  Currently all I can get it to do is extract the pages and open this extracted pages as a temporary file which I then have to save individually and close individually.


      This is currently what I have and it's evidently not what I need.... 


      var oNewDoc=this.extractPages(5)

      var cFlName=this.documentFileName.split(".").shift()+"_summary.pdf"

      var cPath="/C/xxx/xxx/Temp/" +  cFlName

      • oNewDoc.saveAs(cPath)
      • oNewDoc.closeDoc(true)


      Any help would certainly be appreciated!