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    InDesign server CS 5.5 - app.scriptArgs.get doesn't work in jsx script or simpleclient problem




      I'm working with Adobe InDesing Server CS 5.5 and having problem that *.jsx script is not able to read input parameters passwd from sampleclient.exe or SOAP (same story in both cases)

      I run following command:


           sampleclient.exe -host localhost:8080 "c:\CreateJPEG.jsx" param1="1"


           sampleclient.exe -host localhost:8080 "c:\CreateJPEG.jsx" param1=1

      and even

           sampleclient.exe -host localhost:8080 "c:\CreateJPEG.jsx" "param1=1"



      app.scriptArgs.get("param1") is always FALSE (see script body below).

      Please help, I couldn't find an answer anywhere. All documents stats that this should work in a way I described, but it doesn't. Script is performed but param1 is not set.


      Here is the script:

      #target  InDesignServer

      app.scriptPreferences.version = 7.0;



      function main()


        var eRet;   



        if (app.scriptArgs.get("param1"))


          var sXMLFilePath = "C:\\CreateJPEG.xml";

          var eRet = app.createJpeg (sXMLFilePath);