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    Bug: InDesign does NOT stay in it's assigned desktop/space.

    Concorde Rules Level 1

      I've been trialing CS5.5 as an upgrade from CS2 and on both machiens ID and actually PS refuse to stay in their assigned desktop.




      ID is open with a document, assigned to Desktop 2.

      Tab to Safari in Desktop 3.

      Tab back to ID and it moves to Desktop 3!?!?!




      In Desktop 3 with Safari

      Open ID from the Dock.

      ID opens in Desktop 2 and then switches to Desktop 3.




      This happens on both my MBP and MP and both have recently had a complete reinstall.


      Also, when ID happens to open in the correct space, either the LH to Top taskbars of icons will be completely grey requiring me to click on them before using any of the icons.


      Anybody know how to fix this?


      It's not a great show for a £500 peice of software, IMO...