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    Source Control in RoboHelp7

      Where are some simple instructions for how to use the Source Control features in RoboHelp?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Please don't take offence but given the other concepts you are trying to get to grips with, you have your work cut out without getting into source control.

          I would figure out the basics first and come back to this later.

          To provide yourself with backups, zip up your work daily and put that on your network.

          Take a look at this article later.


          You will need assistance from your developers. I don't mean you in particular, I mean most people setting up source control would need that.

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            Moonlion2 Level 1
            We use Source Depot to keep version control of our projects and setting it up was just horrifically complicated--on the RoboHelp 7 end. My developer spent two days trying to get it to work.

            It works now though. RH7 can check in and out files on its own without my having to use both RH7 and SD so it's all good, I s'pose.

            But, yeah, developer required. It sounds easy enough to do on one's own but it's really not.