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    Disk(s) Set-up-Partitions = Greater Performance?

    tm-nader Level 1

      My new system has a 3 disk set-up ((1)C:SSD 128g, (2) D:1 TB 7200 64 cache, & (3) E:1 TB 7200 64 cache.

      The plan was:

      C: OS and CS5 Production Prem.

      D: Media, projects

      E: Previews, Media Cache, Exports

      Currently my W7 OS is on 128gig SSD leaving me with 38gigs open. I was going to throw CS5 production premium on the SSD but I am now concerned about space. My question, will I likely see a significant decrease in performance if I install CS5 on on the second D: drive? Would it help if I partitioned the D: drive in to two? Limited knowledge here on HD's thought I would ask. I will be working primarily with AVCHD in PP and AE. I have GeForce GTX 570, I7 2600k, W7 Prof, & 32gig ram.