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    Video/Movie won't play when exported as a PDF.




      I am creating an interactive PDF using CS5 to display video work. Unfortunately, the video won't play when exported as an interactive PDF, I am just left with blank space. I find this very odd as it plays in preview and also when exported as a SWF but that file type is unsuitable for the project.


      Initially when I exported it I got this message: "One or more of the interactive elements are clipped in ways the pdf files can't reproduce...." Obviously, I have ensured the file is resized correctly and also tried .mov, .mp4 and also .flv file types with no success. I have also checked the simple things like ensuring all the right boxes are ticked when I export.


      This is not the first time I have embedded video but it is the first time without success despite following the same pattern. Any ideas as to why this would be and how to fix it?


      Thank you,