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    [AE CS4] Best resolution for very large screen broadcasting



      I have to make a demo for the Chinese New Year to make, which will be projected on a wall of 30 x 10meters! I started for 2 days on AE, and I suddenly wondered if I will not have excessive blur effects with insufficient resolution.

      The video will last about 1 hour with a count-down, including the effect of "lightning" to be played continuously. In the final seconds, there will be lighting effects of Knoll Light Factory for the transition to the new year. I precise that there will not be JPG image and everything will be created in AE. Is a resolution of 720x560 enough?

      Finally, the question of rendermode is a science in AE too, and I only have a 80 GB external HDD for the export of the final film. So what are the render settings needed with all these constraints to get the best possible result?

      Thank you in advance



      (Sorry for my poor english...)