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    Access Denied: Adobe Reader X - Windows 7


      Problem: "There was an error opening this document. Access denied."


      Product: Adobe Reader X


      Operating System: Windows 7 (Ultimate, with Service Pack 1)



      • Problem first appeared after I installed Windows 7
      • I did not have this problem under Windows XP, my previous operating system
      • There is no problem opening newly created pdf files
      • Problem occurs on all pdf files that were created prior to my installation of Windows 7


      Current Work Around: In order to open a previously created pdf file, I have to take the following steps:

      • Open Windows Explorer
      • Right click on pdf file name
      • Select properties
      • Click on Security tab
      • Click continue (as an administrative user)
      • Click Add...
      • Enter my computer name in the "Enter the object names to select" box
      • Click OK
      • Click the "Allow full control" check-box
      • Click Apply
      • Click OK, Click OK
      • After taking these steps, I am now able to open the pdf file


      Issue: I have hundreds of previously created pdf files, so I don't want to have to manually grant access to each one taking all of the steps described above


      QUESTION: Is there a global fix that will enable me to open all of my previously created pdf files?


      Thank you for your support.