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    Bug in applying read only security status to a PDF portfolio?





      A quick question about setting up a pdf portfolio as 'read only', so users cannot save amended versions of the document within the portfolio, they can only go to 'save as'.


      I have set this up, using Adobe Professional 9, using the following process = File > Portfolio Properties > Security tab and then selecting 'Password Security' (setting a password) and then setting the permission from 'Allow Changes' to 'None'.


      My colleague, who has Adobe X, can go into the portfolio, without knowing/entering any password and change documents. If she exits individual documents whilst still in the portfolio, and goes back into them, she can still see her changes (although when she exits her Adobe software completely and goes back into it, opening the portfolio, these changes have not been saved).


      Can anyone tell me why this happens, and how to stop it, so she can't even get to saving it within the portfolio in the first place? Or is it something that has to be set up on Adobe X, rather than Adobe 9?


      Thanks all!

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          Joel_Geraci Adobe Community Professional

          PDF files in the Portfoloio are treated as simple attachments. To Acrobat, a PDF attachment is basically the same as a Word or image file. When you open the attachment, the Portfolio just opens the corresponding application. If the file gets modified by that application and the Portfolio security is set to not allow changes, anything done in the external application is ignored.


          The best way to prevent this is to set security on the files prior to adding them to the Portfolio, this will prevent users from getting the idea that they can modify the contents. Then secure the Portfolio itself.



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            jb1985ped Level 1

            Thanks - I have done this already, and the file is still being modified by a user using a later edition (version 10 - I am using version 9). However, like I said, the modification stays when you are still within the programme and come back to the individual document, but when you exit the programme and re-open it, the change has gone.


            I just wondered if there were any settings to prevent this, or whether it was something that had to be done in Adobe Professional X, or similar.