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    "After effects has stopped working", but doesn't?

    ptl-2010 Level 1

      Ok so lately I have had this strange issue. I am working with AE cs5 and PPRO cs5, and have some AE comps in my PPRO timeline. Every so often I get this message saying after effects has stopped working, but nothing happens. AE stays open, my AE comps in the timeline still work, I can change and save stuff in AE and everything is fine. This will happen every 5-10 minutes, and I can just click close and go about my business. Normally if I crash AE the AE comps in my timeline will show as offline, and AE closes. Has anyone ran into this issue or have any suggestions as to how to fix it?


      note: Please don't tell me stop using dynamic link... that's one of the key reasons I use the creative suite. Last time I had issues people were suggesting to render AE comps and then import them, but that defeats the purpose for me.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Could simply be a performance issue where Windows is not properly receiving a "I'm still here" message from the main application window. If everything works, I wouldn't go crazy over it. This may fix itself magically one day when you install a new graphics driver or a Windows Update replaces a system library. Trying to get to the bottom of it now and installing random new drivers and componenhts when there is no dire need may only make things worse...



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I won't tell you to stop using Dynamic Link, but if you're using Open GL acceleration in AE, I WILL tell you to stop using it.

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              ptl-2010 Level 1

              Mylenium: Thanks for the info, that could very well be what is happening. I didn't know if maybe this was a common issue with a common solution, and I've been just working through it and haven't had any issues.


              Dave: Haha thanks, I already disabled Open GL that was my first idea, I had issues with that in the past.



              Either way I will wait and see what happens, and if it stops I'll post back just incase someone has a similar issue and wants to know the final outcome. I've noticed a lot of people leave things open ended making it hard to figure out what happened in the end.