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    Audio markers gone!

    SteveLunny Level 1

      Hi there


      I imported an mp3 that had a series of audio markers (done in soundbooth) into After effects cs5. i dropped it on the timeline and they were visible.


      at some point in workflow i noticed the markers were gone. I re-imported the mp3 and they didn't show. I tried exporting multiple formats from soundbooth to no avail. i just have one long unmarked track.


      did i hit a view option accidentally? totally lost!!

      thanks for any help!





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You flushed the media cache and all the auxiliary data it creates, including your markers. You'll probably have to start over and use a procedure that retains the markers in a more permanent way, e.g. saving a WAV file or ASND file.