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    Best export setting for a Blu-ray iso project?

    Dvico Level 1

      Hi Guys!

      Id like to ask some advice about export settings in PPCS5.5.I have a 90 minutes sequence (made for 4 section) what Id like to render and use in Encore CS5.To create a bluray iso file with menus, and chapters.

      In Encore I dont want to transcode the main movie.What do you think which export settings gives the best quality in hd 1080p?(If the final results still under 30GB)

      My sequence consist of avchd 1080p 25fps footages with mp3 and wav tracks with 5.1 audio master track.


      I tested the following export settings: H.264 Blu-ray (match source attributes high quality).I rendered separated video ( m4v) and audio (ac3) file and creaet a bluray iso file with Encore.

      The result was ok but I have some problem with faster scenes,these not so clean and smooth, and 2 times the picture becomes disintegrate.( there is a lot skier scene in zhe movie).Honestly I demanded better quality from 1080p footages.

      Now I dont know this few problem scene comes from the rendering procedure or from the wrong export settings?


      In the past I used mainconpect codec with m2ts settings (same as source), but than I used 1080i footages.But now mainconcept does not working with avchd 1080p 25fps settings.:-(

      If you can, please help.Thanks in advance.