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    Publish problem


      I have few flash animations that I bought, I got their fla files as well.


      I modified the animations simply by adding a static text line.


      I publish the animation and load the swf file to another fla file (main project, which is bigger).


      The problem is that the loaded animation has a 1 fixel black frame (witch is not in the design itself) and I can't remove it or even mask it through the animation file. I need a clean animation with no background or frame,


      Other problem is that the loaded animation is getting out of the original file frame boundries, revealing parts that suppose to be out of the stage.



      How can I publish thouse animations without the frame and the out of boundries area?



      Help would be much appreciated.

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          As for the black border... is black the background color of the separate Flash animations .fla? Try changing the background color to see if the border color changes.

          Main menu/ Modify/ Documant/ set the background color.

          I'd say the black is coming from the background color of either the smaller animations or the larger, main .fla .... the container that you load the animation .sfw files may be a couple pixels larger than the animation.... or the border is a part of the animation.... so test this by changing the background color of first the smaller animations and then the main .fla. That should help determine whether the small animations or the main .fla is at fault.

          Once you know which .fla is at fault, then you can fix that one.

          As for displaying off stage, when you publish, just be sure that you put the Flash <object> in a container <div> that is the exact size of the stage. This will all be done in the HTML or CSS.

          So if you have a 1000 x 500 Flash doc, be sure to set the size of the container on the Web page, the <div> to 1000 x 500.... then nothing off stage will show.

          For example, if you Flash is in a <div id="myFlash">

          set the style for that container:

          #myFlash {

               width: 1000px;

               height: 500px;


          Then the container <div> becomes the boundry of the Flash .swf and will not display anything outside that boundry.

          Best wishes,


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            lior_hai Level 1

            Thank you for your help.


            I was able to solve the problem by simple AS 3.0 masks.