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    How do I report a Flash Player crash to Adobe?

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      One of the most frustrating things that can happen when using software are crashes.  We understand that and we're constantly working on fixing them when we receive reports.  If you've run into a crash and would like to help, please see the following page that describes in detail what we need and where to report it:


      Report a Flash Player crash


      While this document can appear complicated, the basics of what we need are pretty straight forward.  You'll create a new bug over at tracker.adobe.com and include the following:


      • The Flash Player version on your computer.
      • A brief explanation of what caused the crash. Screenshots, a video, or both, of the steps are also useful.
      • The exact URL where the crash occurred. Even though the crash appears to occur in many places, providing the exact URL makes it easier to identify the issue.
      • A crash log. Depending on your browser and the operating system, see the "Create a Flash Player crash log" section in the Report a Flash Player crash help document.
      • System details including operating system and browser versions.


      With your help, we can fix these issues and improve the browsing experience for everyone.