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    [free script] Null Swapper-Plexus/Particular Utility Script

    David Torno Level 4

      Thought I would pass along this link to all who read browse this forum. I just recently released a free script called Null Swapper and a tutorial for it here:

      http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/motiongraphicsvizfx/story/null_swapper_-_plexus_par ticular_utility_script/


      It's a utility script to swap After Effects Null layers out for Light layers. Say when you want to use a 3D solved track with Plexus, you will need Point Lights for Plexus to work, and swapping tens to hundreds of Nulls for Lights is a crazy task to do by hand. That's why I made this script. Currently it is CS5.5 and CS6 only, but I am looking into a solution for previous AE versions.