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    Aligning numerals and numerals in brackets within InDesign CS5 table


      Hi there... I have a curly question that I have nearly cracked but it is still eluding me just slightly.



      A project I am working on (Annual Report) within InDesign CS5 (Mac) contains a lot of tables with numbers listed in the financial section, as you'd expect.



      I want to align all the list of numbers so that if one cell (within the table) has a series of numbers and then the next cell has another set of numbers but this time it is bracketed, that the last numeral without brackets will align with the last numeral within the brackets.



      So essentially you would look at the list and the numerals will align up and down, bracketed or not...



      I have been able to work this out outside of tables and within a table that is a set column width but my issues start when this style is applied to a column width that varies from the origin one where the style was created... unfortunately the columns throughout the financial section will vary in size and I can't keep making different individual styles for each varying column...



      I hope someone out there has had a similar experience and can provide an answer to this what would seem fairly simple issue.



      Thanks in advance.