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    Creating "popups" for iOS devices using Indesign CS5.5?


      Is there a way to "trick" the Overlay Creator into treating an Object State as "transparent", or to close a popup object state by programming a "close" button? I am interested in doing this for iOS publication. I know there is a way to do this in the SWF format utlizing empty object states on the pasteboard, but obviously this would not work on a tablet. Basically, I want to be able to list some products on a page, giving the user the ability to click on a product via a button; then a popup would appear on top of that page with a full description; I then want to have the user be able to click away (or "X" out) from the popup and go back to the original page, so they can click on another product to enlarge. If it cannot be done, then so-be-it, but if it can be done, any suggestions?