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    (presenter 7.0.7) presentations halt for no apparent reason at quiz questions

    becky a. edmondson

      I have checked the quizzes in my course a thousand times, and I am positive they are set up right (see below for setup). But I still get random crashes at quiz slides while viewing the presentation. Any ideas about what is wrong? Could it have anything to do with hidden slides? Is there some time-out value that I need to set? Is this a problem with lengthy courses (mine is 150 slides)?


      There is no video or audio in the slides.


      Quiz design: If the answer to quiz A is wrong, the presentation sends you to the slide that precedes quiz A, which is a hidden review slide. You read the review and then advance to the quiz again. If the answer to quiz A is right, you are advanced two slides ahead, to quiz B--this skips you over the (hidden) review slide for quiz B.