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    Hero2 1080 footage 'flickers' when viewing

    PeteB2407 Level 1

      I've recently bought a GoPro Hero 2 and I'm experimenting with the footage. It creates .MP4 video files which I can copy staight onto computer and import into Premier CS5 with no problems.


      I've created custom sequence presets as per below. The default Hero video resolution is 1280x960 and it imports and displays with no problems. The 'best' resolution files are 1920x1080 and when placed in a sequence and viewed there is a distinct 'flicker'. Static objects jump back and forward small amounts rythmically.


      The default footage presets I've created are : 1280x960p square pixel  25fps (I'm in UK so PAL) - this works fine.


      The highest resolution presets are : 1920x1080, square pixel, 25fps and I've tried P, upper field first and lower field first. - No visible difference.


      I'm at a loss what to try next.


      Any suggestions most welcome.



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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Looking on the web at the specs of the camera it can only record at 30fps, putting it on a 25 frame timeline is probably causing the flicker. Try a 30 fps timeline and see if it is any better.


          Richard knight

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hero footage is progressive so set sequence accordantly.

            Otherwise convert the footage to Cineform avi.


            Its also for 2D footage.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The Hero can be set to PAL with a firmware upgrade.

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                PeteB2407 Level 1

                Richard - The specs quoted on web (and manual) are for NTSC, when you switch to PAL it drops to 25fps


                Ann - I'll certianly check out the cineform. I've assumed progressive in my presets. Don't quite follow the fimware upgrade post, although I'm wondering if you are refering to the original Hero. The Hero 2 can be set to PAL in 'settings' which changes recording and playback framerate.


                Many thanks for speedy responses.

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                  Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  We use Hero2 cameras in PAL mode a lot for underwater footage (shooting some tomorrow) and I haven't yet found problems editing the output, but I'll have a play over the weekend and see if I can get things to fall over. I think some of the other replies are getting mixed between the Hero and the Hero2 (hence suggestions about firmware, which only apply to the original Hero).


                  What I have seen is a looping corruption of the PP monitors on certain low-spec CUDA cards if they try to play full-HD frames. We saw it a lot in CS5.5 pre-testing, where some 'M' series laptop cards would act strange - hence why they're not on the approved list. The effect is hard to describe, but was a gradual, repeating corruption of the frames every 2-3 seconds, snapping back to the correct image between each cycle.


                  Is your problem visible on exported videos, or only on the monitors? If you pause playback on a "bad" frame and save a still image, is that also bad?

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                    PeteB2407 Level 1



                    Thanks for reply. Clip plays perfectly in Windows Media Player. If I pause in Premier and step through clip frame by frame what I find is :--


                    If I start at a 'good' frame then the next 4 frames are fine but after that the 5th frame is poor. If I just step to the 5th frame is displays as poor but after about 1 sec snaps to acceptable. Each successive frame is slightly worse but snaps to OK after a second, this continues for 12 frames then it's a good frame and another 4 successive good frame then it deterioates again for a cycle of total 15 frames.


                    Suggests that it's not actually Premier but something to do with the video card. I'm stating to get to the limits of my knowledge but could it be something to do with the GOP and the build up of the image from the preceeding frames ?


                    Hardware is an HP Z600 Workstation with Xenon E5530 2.40GHz 4-Core, 6GB Ram and W7 64-bit. Graphics is Nvidea FX 380 with latest drivers.


                    I'll test creating output and see if that's OK shortly.


                    Thanks again for help folks.

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                      PeteB2407 Level 1

                      Some playing around with sequence presets reveals that if I set the 'Pixel Aspect Ratio' to 'D1/DV Pal (1.0940)' my probelm vanishes.


                      Don't fully understand it as the Hero 2 footage shows (using properties) as having an aspect ratio of 1.0, which is how I was setting it.


                      Dave - Are you able to comment on the setting you use when importing ?

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                        bertrenolds Level 1

                        Like stated above it is h.264 video so it is progressive meaning you have to set your project to progressive meaning no upper or lower field,"Progressive". And the aspect should be 1.0 for progressive for 30fps, not sure if 25fps matter since I use NTSC . And don't use cineform, why recompress your video more then you have to, you should be able to get a raw .mp4 from a go pro to work just fine in cs5 which is really nice considering all the problems with earlier versions. Start a new project in premiere and used hdv 30fps and make sure the project is set to progressive and everything is correct and then create it and import the raw gopro video you drag off your gopro to a hard drive using windows explorer and exploring the folder, screw cinaform, it's only good for color correcting, updating you hero2, and creating huge .mp4 files.

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                          Hi Pete and all,


                          I'm fairly new to Premiere Pro and also had got my gopro hero2 and testing it lately.

                          I found the same problem that the gopro 1080 footage has constant 'flicker' in the source monitor and sequence preview window in PR CS5.


                          sequence preset--AVCHD 1080 30

                          footage: gopro hd hero2, 1080 30, NTSC

                          I've tried HDV 30fps preset, but the problem persist.


                          While the footage plays smoothly both in the Windows Media Player and AE CS5 preview.


                          the machine:  i7-2670QM 2.2GHz, 8G DDR3, Win7 64bit, NVIDIA-1G with DirectX® 11, 750G HDD. I doubt it would be hardware issue as other clip I shot from my Sony-HX1 1440x1080 has no such an issue (preset HDV 30fps).


                          Also, how do I set the 'Pixel Aspect Ratio' to 'D1/DV Pal? it seems it's already preset to square 1.0 and doesn't allow you to change though.


                          really need some help.

                          thanks in advance.

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                            bertrenolds Level 1

                            Try updating your video card driver but I think your real problem is that you have a 2.2ghz processor. It is recomended that you have atleast a 3.2ghz processor. And you do want square pixels to be 1.0.

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                              nngn Level 1



                              so are you saying that AE CS5 has less demand on the processor in the playback mode than PR CS5 does as the playback in AE is smooth and no problem at all. Also like Pete did I opened a new sequence in DV-NTSC widescreen with the 'Pixel Aspect Ratio' to 'D1/DV and dropped the 1080 footage onto the timeline, the playback was smooth, although the clip is obviously bigger than the sequence frame size of 720x480, but even though I scaled down the clip to fit the frame size, the playback was just fine, no flicker at all. After that, I opened another sequence in AVCHD 720 30 with square pixels 1.0, dropped the same clip onto the timeline, the flicker came back.


                              I'm quite lost here, it seems the Pixel Aspect Ratio setting does have impact on the playback quality.

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                                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                You need to make a sequence that matches the footage.

                                So if its 1920x1080 so does the sequence needs to be.

                                GoPro footage is progressive. Dv-ntsc is interlaced. So be ware.

                                If it still flickers use Cineform Studio.

                                It converts it to Cineform avi's, They are visually lossless.

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                                  nngn Level 1

                                  Thanks Ann.

                                  Eventually I did use Cineform to convert the files and it ran smoothly.

                                  I think it was kinda a trade off between saving driver space and the maximizing playback quality in editing, and I gather since I don't wanna upgrade my CPU very soon and I have decent driver room, I'll do the converting and make my playback more visually comfortable rather than stuffing up the sequence preset.


                                  btw: the gopro Cineform works quite ok, fairly novice friendly.

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                                    bertrenolds Level 1

                                    Try converting several files and be prepaired to wait a long time, it's so much easier when you have a 3.2ghz processor and you can just import gopro footage right into premiere CS5. Obviously that was your issue and having one file open in AE is nothing compared to having several files open in premiere and trying to play a video in the preview window. Screw converting the files because what you get is a huge file when you convert them in cinaform, hopefully you have a big hard drive. 

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                                      nngn Level 1

                                      I have no issue of importing clip from gopro direct, editing those MP4 files is fine except the jerky playback in PR, no issue in AE, rendering is no problem either.  Not sure if it's because the i7 processor can auto turbo to 3.1ghz. my hard drive is not huge, but should be ok for now. I bought the laptop just a few weeks ago, so have to live with it and work around it. If I do this for a living I would definitly upgrade to a better build right away. So converting is the way to go for now when I want a smooth playback.