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    List's ItemRenderer - setStyle does not work

    kkudiksx Level 1

      I have a List which I can drag things into each "row".


      Each row is rendered using an itemRenderer which is an HBox wrapping a couple of Labels and a spacer inside.


      I am trying to change the style of each row when I am dragging over an item to each row using the dragEnter handler.


      I get the renderer and I try to set the following styles:


      renderer.setStyle('borderColor', 'red');

      renderer.setStyle('borderStyle', 'solid');

      renderer.setStyle('borderThickness', '3');

      renderer.setStyle('borderVisible', 'true');


      Even though the styles get set when I debug, the styles are not shown on the screen.


      Any ideas why?


      This used to work in Flex 3.2 but now that I upgraded to Flex 4.5 it does not work.


      The itemRenderer is as follows - UserTaskSummary.mxml


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


      <mx:HBox xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx"







              import  com.company.UserInfo;




              public var currentUser:UserInfo;





          <mx:Label id="nameLabel"


                    fontWeight="{(this.currentUser.id == this.data.userInfo.id) ? 'bold' : 'normal' }"/>

          <mx:Spacer width="100%"/>





              <mx:Label id="statsLabel"


                        fontWeight="{(data.statistics.openItems > 0) ? 'bold' : 'normal' }"

                        width="100%" textAlign="center"/>


          <mx:Spacer width="1"/>





      Inside the mxml where the ItemUnderReportingList is displayed:


              public function getRendererFactory(currentUser:UserInfo):ClassFactory {

                  var factory:ClassFactory = new ClassFactory(UserTaskSummary);

                  factory.properties = {'currentUser': currentUser};

                  return factory;




          <wkflcontrols:ItemUnderReportingList id="userSelectorList"

                                               width="100%" height="100%"



                                               change="pm.getQueueMembership(); pm.selectUser(event)"






              private var highlightedStyle:Object =  { "borderStyle": 'solid', "borderColor": 'red', "borderThickness": '3' , "borderVisible": 'true'};


              public function checkDragToUser(event:DragEvent):void


                  var renderer:UserTaskSummary = ItemUnderReportingList(event.target).getItemRendererUnderCursor(event) as UserTaskSummary;

                  if (renderer && this.isAllowedToDragOnUser(renderer, event.dragSource.dataForFormat("items") as Array))








              private function highlightCurrentRenderer(renderer:UserTaskSummary):void


                  for (var style:String in this.highlightedStyle)


                      renderer.setStyle(style, this.highlightedStyle[style]);




                 --> declared in ItemUnderReportingList.as which extends List

              public function getItemRendererUnderCursor(event:MouseEvent):IListItemRenderer


                  var pt:Point = new Point(event.stageX, event.stageY);

                  pt = super.globalToLocal(pt);


                  var yy:Number = 0;


                  var n:int = super.listItems.length;

                  for (var i:int = 0; i < n; i++)


                      if (super.listItems[i].length)


                          if (pt.y < yy + super.rowInfo[i].height)


                              var m:int = super.listItems[i].length;

                              if (m == 1)

                                  return super.listItems[i][0];


                              var j:int = Math.floor(pt.x / super.columnWidth);

                              return super.listItems[i][j];



                      yy += super.rowInfo[i].height;


                  return null;





      I've tried to include all the relevant methods that are invoked in the process, hopefully someone can spot what's happening wrong and why the style is no longer set.


      I don't like the way the renderer is obtained either but the getItemRendererUnderCursor works and I've tested it thoroughly as I thought it was getting the wrong itemRenderer - but it's not!