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    File Path contains the token "bc-"


      We recently upgraded to the RoboHelp version 9 and are finding a critical problem within all generated html files. It seems RoboHelp is inserting a new script in every html file which we would like to either modify or remove. The snippet of this script is given below.


      Our problem is that we have stored these files in a path that has this token “bc-“ - C:\projects\{705e5340-460b-11e1-b8bc-0800200c9a66}.

      We need your help to either modify this token or remove this check from all project files.





      if (window.gbWhTopic)
        var strUrl = document.location.href;
        var bc = 0;
        var n = strUrl.toLowerCase().indexOf("bc-");
        if(n != -1)
        document.location.href = strUrl.substring(0, n);
        bc = strUrl.substring(n+3);