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    TIFF vs. PSD Sequence -- Speed

    Toomany3 Level 1

      My firm has been using TIFF sequences forever.  Why?  Because, that's the way we've always done it.


      But I've always fought read speed issues when bringing in a larger sequences (1000+ frames) into Premiere or AE. (We use 5-disk Raid-0 drives that clock at 150-300 MB/s).


      I did a quick experiment and noticed that my PSD sequences would read with no lag time in Premiere whilst my TIFFs would give me about 3 FPS playback.  SWEET!  I finally figured out my life-long playback problem.


      So I made the decision to have everyone stop using TIFF sequences and start using PSD sequences from all our Cinema 4D and After Effects renders and start using PSD sequences exclusively.


      What a hero, right?!


      Well, no. 


      Now our PSD sequences are playing back at 3-4 FPS in Premiere too, similiar to our TIFFs.... Why were they playing back at 30 FPS before when I did the test?  Who knows?!


      So I guess this got me wondering the age-old question again--What is the best format for better playback in Premiere?


      We use both alpha-on, or no alpha... And with the TIFFs we typically use the LZH compression.