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    Photoshop HELP!!!! PLEASE


      Ok, so i just wiped my computer clean with windows 7 and i installed photoshop again, but this time it's different. First of all, it starts off with a magnification of 33.3%. It never did that before. And when i use the pencil tool it looks choppy and jagged even when i zoom in to 25%. It only looks normal when i zoom all the way in to actual pixel size. I am using photoshop for lineart and coloring of my animations, so i use 3200x1800 pixels, 72 resolution, 8bit, and export 1280x720 for hd. So you know, i did this with my old version computer perfectly fine and with none of the problems i am having now. I thought it might be photoshop but i installed it in a different computer and it did the same thing. I also thought maybe it was the pencils settings but i dont know anymore, maybe its the way the canvas is being projected.


      To see how everything looked before heres a tutorial i made prior to alllll these damn problems