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    Creating table styles - RH9


      I want to be able to apply table properties to a table style.


      For example, I want all tables using Table Style A to be centered horizontally on the page rather than left aligned.

      I want all tables using Table Style B to be indented 42px from the left.


      I can apply these settings using the Table Properties dialog for an individual table, but can't figure out how to get these settings tied to a style so I don't have to manually align every single table.


      I am hoping the answer is a simple string I can put into the CSS file...


      Thank you in advance for your help


      Jody Kemp

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Do you already use table styles? In the CSS editor you can define table styles and style almost every aspect of tables. I never use it so I don't know exactly what you can set in the editor but you might want to give it a try.


          You need to use CSS tables for this to work, so if you're not using them already, make sure that you assign classes to all your existing tables that you want to take over the styling. The CSS for the tables:


          table.a {/* The a is the class of the table */


               /* The automatic margins on the left and right center the table on the page */

               margin-left: auto;

               margin-right: auto;



          table.b {/* The b is the class of the table */

               margin-left: 42px;/* Indent table 42 pixels on the left */






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            dawny1313 Level 1

            unfortunately, as i am finding in RoboHelp 9, that only gets me so far. I can't create a table with all borders turned on.


            I can't create a table with all cells aligned TOP.


            Those are styles I still have to apply after I insert my table/apply my table style. It's a start, but it's still annoying. THe "Cell Formatting" button doesn't include these VERY important cell formatting options.


            ALSO annoying is the table style editor to begin with. It's VERY buggy. If you have "whole table" selcted, only half the rows are applying my font. I had to apply odd rows/even rows separately to switch to Arial 11 from Times New Roman.


            Someone's probably going to tell me "it was fixed in RH 10" but that doesn't help me create table styles in 9.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              No you are not going to be told it is better in Rh10, it is just the same.


              Without testing it again, the trick is something like this. Select odd rows and then bottom right, apply 2px blue or whatever. Then select even rows and select top left (the opposite) and apply 2px blue. Finally do the same you will see from the preview that the outer borders are incomplete, select Whole Table and and apply bottom right or top left.


              Whole Table does not mean every cell, it means the outer borders of the table.


              If you create Printed Documentation, there can be a further problem. I am trying to locate a document I wrote about that.


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