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    pls let me know about browser lab fits or not for my requirement



      My project need a Compatibility Testing Automated Tool.

      Operating System & Browser Configurations are  -


      1) Win XP &  IE 7,IE 8,Firefox 3.5.x or higher

      2) Win 7 & IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 3.5.x or higher


      Expectation from Tool:

      QA analyst will enter the URLs and Tools has return the Differences in out put file ( any format) for all above mentioned browsers.

      IE versions and FF version.

      Incase Analyst interested to revisit the passed or failed area then Tool should allow to do it.

      report (Shock Wave Files) files validation is also expected for following features

      - Components presence in the report and thier events with results

      - text content validation for many Languages

      - message box and thier test content validation in many languages


      Output file Expectations:

      All the pass proofs and Failed proof should captured with different colors and folders for every test case.

      a text details which has pass and fail should be available


      Could you please let me know whether browser lap support my requirement and also confirm which expectation will fulfill and which one cannot.



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          chailu Level 1

          adding few more expectations:

          URLs will have popups from Icefaces,Liferay, Alfresco and Menus from Liferay

          Out put file SWF will have Flex components, EXCEL out puts, bitmap file out puts.



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            Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

            Hi Chaitanya,


            First, I'd like to point out that BrowserLab is currently free to sign up for and use, so you can easily check it out yourself to see if it meets your needs.


            Regardless, I'll try my best to answer your questions.


            • BrowserLab currently offers testing coverage for IE6 thru 9, Chrome 13 & 14, Firefox 5 & 7, and Safari 5.1. We cover both OSX and Windows, but don't differentiate between versions of Windows or OSX (to do so would hugely multiply the number of servers we use)
            • BrowserLab takes screenshots of the URLs you enter and returns them to you. Any difference analysis is up to the user since it's a very difficult problem to determine which differences matter and which ones don't. In some places a 1 pixel difference is important, in others, a 20 pixel difference or more is unimportant.
            • I'm a little confused by the next expectation, but it sounds like you're looking for a completely automated tool. That's not BrowserLab. I'm not aware of any tool that does what you seem to be looking for.
            • BrowserLab takes static screenshots of URLs. We snapshot Flash content, but do nothing beyond that with SWFs. There are too many timing issues with attempting to compare animated SWF content from different browsers or even the same browser across different loads of the page.
            • BrowserLab does not do text content or message box validation.
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