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    SWF not playing in browser


      Please bear with me, as I am new to Flash ;-)


      I have created a short (6 seconds) SWF movie with Adobe Flash Professional CS5 that I would ultimately like to show in the header of my site (www.martijnboersma.com).

      When I double click the SWF file on my desktop it works just fine. When I upload it to my website (or any other SWF host for that matter) and click the absolute URL it does not play (in any browser).


      I suspect that the file isn't ready for web publishing. Essentially, during the creation of the SWF file, I did the following:


      • Made a short movie in Adobe Premiere CS5 which I saved as f4v
      • I used the Import Wizard in Adobe Flash CS5 to import the f4v
      • Exported the movie as SWF


      This results in a stand-alone SWF which works fine when double-clicked on the desktop, but not in any browser once uploaded.

      Alternatively, instead of exporting I have tried to publish the file, which doesn't allow for the SWF file to play in a browser either


      Any help is much appreciated, and apologies for my n00b questions!

      Thanks in advance :-)