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    Aspect ratio changes

    Jo Kearney Level 1

      'm importing DV Cam video and then finding that with some shots the aspect ratios have changed.  Also some of the lip syncs are out.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check the Interprete Footage of the clip and see if the aspect is set correct.

          For out of sync issue, capture tape with scene detection on.

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            Jo Kearney Level 1

            Hi Ann,

            In interprete footage aspect looks to be correct.  It is at 25fps which is what I want.  Is there anything else that I should be looking for here?


            Where is scene detection?

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              At present its gray out as I did not have a camera attached to the computer


              capture window.png

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                Jo Kearney Level 1

                Thanks Ann. 

                This is for lip-syc?  What do I need to do with box?


                Any more info on aspect ratio?


                Not sure why a few shots are changing aspect ratio after being captured.  In interpret image the settings are the same as the shots that are correct.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  What exactly are you seeing that makes you say the aspect ratio is changing?

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                    Jo Kearney Level 1

                    Sorry.  I think I pressed the wrong reply button.


                    I filmed in DVCam Pal 16 by 9.  When I capture it in PP CS5 it still says this when I look at clip, modify, interpret footage.  But in some of the shots people have become short and fat.  I think pillar boxed is the name for it.  It's absolutely fine on the tape but when I recapture it, it is the same.  I recently did a story and sent it to a TV company and they said there were problems with the aspect ratio with these shots.  It's just a few shots but sometimes they are essential for the story.

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                      Jo Kearney Level 1

                      How is the Aspect Ratio changing?


                      Was the shooting Mode changed on the camera, between scenes, say from Standard to Widescreen? That would be a change in PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio), but would show up the difference in the Project.


                      Also, are you in PAL-land, or NTSC-land?


                      Good luck,





                      Hi Hunt, no the shooting mode was the same - wide screen, dv cam pal

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Hm-m, the PAR, which determines whether the footage is treated as Widescreen 16:9, or Standard 4:3 is a flag in the file's header. There have been instances, where PrPro missed, or mis-interpreted the PAR flag, but this is usually with other material, such as MPEG, or some wonky AVI CODEC's. DV-AVI material is usually immune from the "missed flag syndrome," and especially when those DV-AVI's are created during Capture via FW in PrPro. However, something could be amiss somewhere. What you describe is just not common, in all of my reading, with how things normally work in PrPro. That was why I asked if perhaps the shooting Mode had been changed, in the recording process.


                        Ann's suggestion to use Interpret Footage should fix things, but why the issue exists with your footage, is a mystery. I could see it, if the Capture was done in another program, that might not write the headers as perfectly, as PrPro usually does, but not from Capture IN PrPro.


                        Good luck, and let us know if applying a correction, via Interpret Footage to the offending Clips, fixes things.



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                          bertrenolds Level 1

                          Scene detect means that it cut's the video into seperate files ever time there is a scene change while you are capturing to the computer so that you don't have 1 huge file to edit from but instead have several smaller seperate files making it easire to work with huge projects where you need to search for certain shots.


                          Are you sure you selected the right preset settings for your video when you created your project jo? Are you sure you are using DV 720x480 video and not HDV? I'm guessing you didn't set your project to the correct video setting when you created the project or you have different video then what you think you have.

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                            Jo Kearney Level 1

                            Yes definitely filming in DV Cam widescreen and creating a project in this setting.  Some of the shots are widescreen in the project file but then turn into 4 by 3 at a later date.  I did an edit yesterday and 4 of the shots became 3 by 4 while the rest were widescreen.  It's as if they are being corrupted.  Yesterday I did manage to recapture them and on the third attempt they remained 6 by 9. 


                            When I highlight footage in the project panel that has changed its aspect ratio and click on interpret footage it says it is 6 by 9.  So there doesn't seem to be any way of changing it back to 6 by 9 as it is already, it is just being distorted.

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                              Jo Kearney Level 1

                              Hi Hunt,

                              When I go to interpret footage it just says it is already 6 by 9.  How can I make a correction if it is saying the right number.  Is there anything else i can do here? Thanks, Jo