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    Flash in Vista Guest User account fails but works in Admin (won't run Google News Flash,videos,etc)


      My Guest account won't display Flash while on the Google News page here: http://news.google.com/nwshp?hl=en&tab=wn 


      A Flash video feature in the upper corner of this page drops down after the page loads, and there is a broken link icon in the play window. If I can get this to work, all other Flash feature work on the page. News videos (I assume these are hosted on YouTube) that I click on in the right handed column of this page will pop up when clicking on the story image, but the Flash window shows a broken link icon.


      When I sign in using the computer's Primary account (with Admin priviledges) all Flash features on this page work fine. 


      Flash IS working elsewhere on the web, such as on YouTube, etc. while in the Guest logon.


      I tried installing Flash while in the Guest User account and the install would freeze and give me an Actionlist not found error.


      After many installs, and uninstalls, found that I could go to Control Panel/User Accounts and change my Guest account to an Administrator level account, then installed Flash 11.xxx.


      I thought I had my problem solved, Flash on the Google News page finally worked in the Guest account(!)


      Then I logged the Guest account off and logged into the Primary user (Admin level) account to see if Flash propogated over to the main user account, which it did, and the Google News page Flash items worked as main user. All happy.


      When I logged off and back over to the Guest account, Google News Flash items would no longer work.


      So I reinstalled Flash while in the Guest account/Admin level. Again, It worked on the Google News page.


      I then logged off, and logged directly back in to Guest (with Admin priviledges): Flash does not work on Google News.


      Any thoughts anyone? 


      [ I am using, IE-8, Vista Business SP2, 32bit, all latest patches, latest Java, and under Norton protection. ]