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    Combo box

    whiterrabbit Level 1
      I have many dynamically populated combo boxes.

      Presently I am using something like this (in a function) to get the value of the selectedItem in the combobox

      filtername = event.currentTarget.selectedItem.departmentname;

      I pass along another parameter at the same time which I use in a switch statement. like so
      so I know what the labelfield is, in this case departmentname.

      case "filterjob":
      var filtername:String = event.currentTarget.selectedItem.departmentname;

      Is there no way to just pass the value of the selectedItem so I can omit the switch statement? or how else would I do this?
      I am using HTTPService to send to PHP

      I'm just thinking I could possibly name the label field in all the comboboxes the same but if anyone has a brighter idea, thanks.