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    IE Browser Problems


      Hi, I just built my first website using CS5 and it works fine in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome but in IE the background of the #container comes out black. Could anyone help me resolve this problem?

      My website is http://www.suzanneyoungcostumedesign.com/

      Is there some code I need to add to make IE recognize and show the container background color?

      Thank you.

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            mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

            Your site looks identical in Firefox 9.0.1 and IE8.  What version of IE

            are you having problems with?

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              zanney59 Level 1

              Thanks for your response JTANNIA, I think I might have figured it out. The problem seems to be in the pre IE 8 versions and I believe that what was causing the trouble was in the "#Container" dialog box where, at the end of the list on the left was the heading "Extensions" On clicking on that I found that under "Filter" the word "light" was entered. I cleared that and left the box empty, saved, then went to check in IE and the problem seemed to be resolved.

              I don't know what all those filters are for but I do know that they can cause trouble in older browsers so if anyone else has the same problem they might want to check that out.