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    run in Android emulator for PC?

    cwilson03 Community Member



      Is it possible to run Proto in an Android emulator?  I have a Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet (Windows 7).


      Alternatively, are there plans to offer a version of Proto (and the other Adobe Touch apps, for that matter) for Windows tablets?





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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hey Chris,


          There are emulators




          but they are more for development and debugging rather than use on desktop OS type environment. I suspect most users would prefer to use actual Adobe desktop products versus tablet products via emulation. I'm not sure how the ownership and marketplace functionality would work in conjunction with emulation also.


          For Windows tablet versions, I would suggest creating an idea (feature request) for consideration.


          I'll share the topic with the development group, and if there is more info I'll post it here.



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            cwilson03 Community Member

            Thanks, Dave. 


            I agree; most emulators I've seen are more geared to development.  More recently, however, I've been using an app/portal called BlueStacks (no affiliation, just found the app online) to get some of my more favorite Android apps to run on my Windows tablet as an end-user.  BlueStacks requires you to sync the app through your phone or Android tablet.  Unfortunately I don't have an Android device that runs Android >= 3.1, so I can't try the Adobe Touch apps through that service since I can't install them on my Android phone.


            As you pointed out, my Windows tablet will of course run the full Adobe CS 5.5 products.  (I briefly installed Master Collection CS 5.5 to see how it ran, and it was pretty good.)  However, the touch-friendliness of the full apps' UI controls isn't really there yet, so I thought the Adobe Touch apps might be better suited to that form factor.


            I suppose the ideal in my case would be a touch-friendly user interface skin for the full Adobe CS 5.5 suite.  And, of course, a change to the license that would allow it to be installed on desktop, laptop and tablet for non-simultaneous use, rather than just two of the three systems (I currently use Master Collection CS 5.5 on both laptop and desktop - the tablet is a new addition).


            Where is the official place to make feature requests for future consideration?


            Thanks again,