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    Chm help search

      Hello, New to RoboHelp, i have imported an old help32 project, and have just about everything working fine, except the search feature. When i type in anything, and click the list topic button, it always returns the message "No topics found", and i know the words are within my help project. Is there something i need to do to get the contents of the help topics and indes text inculded into the search feature. Thanks for any help!! Mike
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, Mike, and welcome,

          The "No topics found" message is usually a sign that one of the DLLs used by the help compiler is incorrectly registered. You can check for and fix this by running MJ's Help Diagnostics, available from the address below.


          Alternatively, see the following articles for guidelines on how to register the DLL from the command line:


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            brehmmm Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.....I will try this fix, are these dll's used during the compile or a runtime. I did check other chm files i found on my system and they seem to work fine.

            Thanks again,
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              Pete Lees Level 2
              Hi, Mike,

              They're used at compile time. So, only .chm files that you compile while the DLLs are missing or incorrectly registered will exhibit the problem; others will be fine.

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                brehmmm Level 1

                That fixed it....THANKS!!!!! Appreciate the help...saved me hours of TS time.....
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                  Boggym Level 1
                  Hi Pete,
                  I tried the same thing you suggested to Mike, and it did not fix my problem.
                  Whenever I try to search for something, it will give me the message that nothing was found, though I know that the string I entered should be found on several topics.
                  You know that I am doing localization, and I localized my system on Japanese, however I am not so sure if Microsoft made the localization as it should be.
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                    Pete Lees Level 2
                    Hi, Boggym,

                    I'll try to answer as best as I can, but my experience of creating non-English help files is limited. I hope that someone with more knowledge in this area will be able to help you.

                    To address your last point first — "I am not so sure if Microsoft made the localization as it should be" — the search facility in Japanese help files should work as well as it does in Western language files, provided that you have set up your help project and build machine appropriately. My understanding, which is really only based on the information on the Helpware site, is that it is essential to change your system's default language to Japanese before you compile. I guess you've already done that, though.

                    In the following newsgroup discussion, Dirk Bock (a long-time contributor to this forum) reports that he had to compile on a system running the Japanese version of Windows to get the search facility to work:

                    microsoft.public.helpauthoring: Japanese Full-Text Search

                    The following Japanese site may give you some useful information. It was created by Yuko Ishida, a former Microsoft Help MVP.


                    In your other recent message, you said:

                    > I tried what was suggested in a different posting regarding, the
                    > apparently same search issue, however it did not work for me. When I ran
                    > the report for unregistered dll's it gave me some files that I have to
                    > install from Microsoft, however when I looked for them on the download
                    > site, nothing was found.

                    If it's HTML Help Workshop that you want to download, you can get it from here:


                    I would guess that you don't really need this, however, as RoboHelp should install all the components that are required to compile an HTML Help file.

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                      Boggym Level 1
                      Thank you Pete for the fast answer.
                      I tried all that you told me and still does not work, so it looks that I have to make myself a totally Japanese image from a to z, however when I try to install the evaluation copy (by the way, I am still in the evaluation phase of RoboHelp, because I did not get the original copy yet), it gives me a "sublicensing error" message when I try to run it, so I do not quite get it how is it working with several languages, however it does not work as supposed to.
                      I tried to get webhelp, and flashhelp, and both are working very nicely.
                      However, the software is supposed to work for what it is supposed to, without too many tricks, right? I do not try to do anything special, just publish a help file in another language then English.
                      Thank you again, Pete for your suggestions.
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                        Pete Lees Level 2
                        Hi, Boggym,

                        If you've downloaded HTML Help Workshop then you could try compiling your project with it. (Open the .hhp file in HTML Help Workshop and then click the "Compile HTML File" button in the toolbar.) That may help you to determine whether the problem lies in your project settings, system settings, or in RoboHelp itself.

                        The only other suggestion I can offer, if no-one else here can help, is that you post your question to the HATT forum on Yahoo ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HATT). This has more subscribers than any other forum for help authors.

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                          Boggym Level 1
                          Thank you Pete,

                          I tried to compile it with the Workshop and the results were worse then with RoboHelp. I guess the problem is partly with Microsoft, and partly with Adobe because they have to comply with the intricacies of Microsoft, and if they say that the application supports the Japanese language, then it is supposed to support it with as little hassle for the user as possible, right?
                          I will try to contact the technical support of Adobe about this issue tomorrow (they do not work today because it is holiday in US), and see what they have to say about that. The nice thing is that when I compile the project into a webhelp, or flash-help it is working fine and is nicer then the chf solution. I will eventually try also the FAR application and see if I can make any use of it with in my work.

                          Thank you again, and have a great day,
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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                            Are we talking about RH7 here? If we are, then have you applied the 7.0.1 patch? That could be important. There is some information about searching in Using RH7 on my site.

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                              Boggym Level 1
                              Hi Peter,
                              Yes, it is RH7 I am talking about. I can search for roman-letters-written things, however not for Japanese-characters-written words.
                              Also, when I am searching for roman-letters-written words, I get all kind of characters written results. No intelligible content on the left hand side. On the right hand side, everything is OK.
                              Where could I find the patch you were talking about?
                              Thank you,
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                                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                                Help | Updates.

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                                  Boggym Level 1
                                  I cannot do that for the time being as I am waiting for the full version of RH7 from Adobe.
                                  One personal question Pete, from your experience, which is easyer to work with, Flare or RoboHelp? I am still in the process of decision of which would be best for our needs, and I would like an oppinion from somebody more experienced.
                                  Thank you,
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                                    Boggym Level 1
                                    Sorry, I forgot to specify.
                                    The last message I posted is for both Pete Lees and Peter Grainge, and for whoever thinks could help me take an educated decision.
                                    Thank you all,
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                                      RoboColum(n) Level 5
                                      You do realise you are asking two Adobe RoboHelp Community Experts for their opinion here. I'm not saying you won't get a balanced and true opinion just that my warped mind finds it mildly amusing. Personally I haven't used the latest version of Flare but if previous versions are anything to go by, stick with RoboHelp.
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                                        lmarden Level 2
                                        I can add some feedback. Not from personal experience, but I work with a tech writer at our partner company who has migrated from RH to Flare. She is waiting for one functionality upgrade (.NET compatibility) to go right back to RH. Says Flare is not as intuitive in many ways. Of course, she had been using RH for years, and has only been using Flare for what - two years now? So of course take this with a grain of salt. But I have to assume that Flare took off so fast only because our community believed RH was going to die a slooooowwww death. That's why my colleague switched. Now that we have the resources of Adobe to support RH, I can't think of a reason to switch.
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                                          Boggym Level 1
                                          Thank you very much for your input Colum & LMarden.
                                          I like also RH for its easyness of use, however I am a little bit frustrated by the lack of ressources found on the Adobe's site, or let's say difficulty to find some.
                                          The only place I found some "light" in my "darkness" is this forum, for which I would like to thank too all of you who helped me so far.
                                          I will have to contact RH technical support again to find some answers to several questions, so I guess I will give them another chance.
                                          Thank you again for your support,
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                                            Boggym Level 1
                                            I managed to talk to the Adobe technical support and they told me that it is a known issue.
                                            You can find it at http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb402741&sliceId=1
                                            and the issue # is 1572937.
                                            I hope they will solve it soon.
                                            Thank you again to all of you for your suggestions and support, and I am looking forward to work with you on this forum.
                                            I hope that in the future I will also be able to offer support to others.
                                            Have a great day,
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                                              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                                              I thought that was fixed in the patch. I notice you say you cannot apply the patch. Why not? It can be applied to the trial version as well.

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                                                Boggym Level 1
                                                You told me the last time to go in RH7 to Help/updates and it will work.
                                                I did, and what happened was that it found an update for the Acrobat, but nothing for RH7. Did you mean something else?
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                                                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                                                  Go to Help | About. What version number do you get?

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                                                    Boggym Level 1
                                                    7.00.145 is the version of the full RH7 I have on my computer right now.
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                                                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                                                      That means you don't have the patch. Download and apply the Acrobat one, then try again. Sometimes you won't get offered the RH update until others have been applied. Give it a couple of goes and then post back if no success.

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                                                        Boggym Level 1
                                                        I did and nothing happened.
                                                        I did a fresh try with a very small project that I wrote directly in Japanese, and I still got the same "No item found" message.
                                                        This is when I spoke with the guy from the technical support from Adobe, and he told me that this is a known, unsolved yet, issue.
                                                        Thank you Peter,
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                                                          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                                                          Humour me and try this link.

                                                          No promises but at least you will be certain there is nothing more to do for now.


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                                                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                                            Try the latest patch just released. Click the link in my previous post to see the Readme.

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                                                              Boggym Level 1
                                                              Thank you Peter!
                                                              You are the BEST!
                                                              It finally works. Everything is as nice and dandy as it gets!
                                                              Thank you a million!